MP Helen Jones calls for action with more than 3,500 homes in Warrington North in fuel poverty.

An article by Adam Everett published in the Warrington Guardian;


MORE than 3,500 households in the Warrington North are in fuel poverty, with the cold leading to higher than a dozen deaths in the constituency last year.

Figures released by the National Energy Action charity have revealed that 3,519 homes in the north of town are in fuel poverty.

Of the 43 excess winter deaths reported in Warrington North, 30 per cent were attributed to households being too cold.

Warrington North MP Helen Jones has called for action by the government after a parliamentary debate on the issue last week.

She said: “Fuel poverty affects over four million households in the UK.

“In Warrington North it is alarming that eight per cent of households – that’s over 3,500 – cannot afford to heat their homes.

“This cannot be right in one of the richest economies in the world.


Read the full article here on the Warrington Guardian website;


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Philip Smith-Lawrence


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